We create films to educate and help make a difference

UNI FILM PRODUCTIONS (UFP) has been formed with one mission in mind: to bring about positive change in people's lives.  Its main purpose is to provide ordinary folks a platform for their voices.  Using a grassroots approach, UFP will collaborate with the community at large to raise awareness of compelling issues and causes that need to be addressed and given widespread exposure, such as our current project on Selective Mutism.


What is Selective Mutism?  

Selective Mutism is a complex, childhood anxiety disorder that prevents a child from speaking consistently in one or more select situations/settings (such as at school), despite being able to speak normally in other settings.  

It affects about 1 in every 140 children in the USA. These are only the reported cases! Many children are left undiagnosed and are often just thought of as shy.

Selective Mutism is not limited to any racial, ethnic, social or economic group. It does not discriminate!