This documentary is a platform for your voice! 

We would like to hear your Selective Mutism Story. 

Whether your life has been impacted personally by Selective Mutism (a child, parent, sibling, grandparent) or you have helped a child directly with Selective Mutism (a teacher, clinician, therapist, school counselor, social worker), we are looking for you to share your personal experiences and stories. 

We want to hear about your struggles, your successes, your frustrations and your hopes.  We want others to learn from your trials and tribulations, to be enlightened and to be aware of the continuous struggles that you encounter each and every day.  

Feel free to provide your WISH LIST.  Which areas do you need help and from whom? What do you feel needs to be done to assist in the child's recovery process? 

We would like to assemble a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives, and provide viewers with a detailed and holistic picture of how each person plays a different role in the life of a child with Selective Mutism.  Whether it be a parent talking about feeling helpless, or a teacher discussing the difficulties involved in the classroom or a therapist describing the treatment plan, we hope to provide an insight into the world of Selective Mutism and its challenges for all those involved.

Please direct all personal stories to