Keys to Success:

A collaborative approach  

It's imperative that parents, teachers, doctors and treating professionals work together as a team. With each party positively contributing to assist, support and empower the child, he/she will have a far better chance of overcoming the disorder. 

Let's create an environment where these children can flourish and feel safe, where they feel supported and understood, where they can reach out in any direction and find a helping hand!

  • Let's bring knowledge and education to all sections of society. Increasing awareness about SM and educating those who have an impact on the child's life is paramount to improving the odds of a successful outcome for children and their families.
  • Let's encourage more professionals to be trained in the area of Selective Mutism. They are currently in short supply! With more specialists in the field, a greater amount of children will be able to receive help and treatment in a timely manner.
  • Let's ensure that parents receive the right guidance and support from professionals who are fully trained in the area of Selective Mutism, and who are using evidence based treatment that is proven to work. This will help save parents valuable time and money in the long run.

UNI FILM PRODUCTIONS, aims to launch the most ambitious and comprehensive documentary ever produced on Selective Mutism. This program will be distributed to both the national and international broadcast community and marketed as a DVD product to parents, healthcare and educational professionals, as well as to the general public worldwide.  We hope that the documentary will raise widespread awareness putting SM on the global map and finally making it a recognized household name. 

Selective Mutism deserves our attention.  It deserves to be acknowledged and these children deserve to lead more inclusive and fulfilling lives in their schools and communities: free from fear, free from anxiety, and free from loneliness!  

This is not an individual issue, this is a social one!