Our Mission

To use film as a vehicle for social change.

Why film?  Film seeks out the truth and helps us to find meaning in life.  It has a life of its own and it's powerful and inspiring.  Film has energy and passion and it can provide a social outlet for people to express themselves and be heard.  It has the power to open our eyes to events and issues that are happening in remote corners of the world. It is invincible and unstoppable.. just like the heroes in the world who have not taken "no" for an answer.  Their resilience, determination and hope are an inspiration to us all.  Film is the perfect forum to share these peoples stories and in so doing, ignite change worldwide!  


This logo was designed by the filmmaker to represent a strong foundation (pyramid/triangle), where people work together in unity (UNI – “ you n I ”) to create endless possibilities (Celtic symbol -trinity knot).

TRIANGLE - symbolizes a strong structure.  The equal sides of the triangle combine to form infinitive potential.  It’s a sacred triad with a symbolic meaning of creation. The triangle theme is abundantly featured in Celtic culture, which being welsh, is close to Eve's heart. 

UNI ( double entendre - “you n I”) stands for unity, unified, universal. It’s about working together towards the same goals.  We are global citizens who can make a difference in this world. With solidarity, there exists a strong and positive force that can move mountains!

POWER (CELTIC SYMBOL-TRINITY KNOT) – the power of unification helps to strengthen the core.  The Trinity Knot (triquetra) consists of three corners that are interconnected in a triangle.   These represent mind, body and spirit.  The circle around the knot signifies the infinite and represents protection.  Celtic knots are endless paths and thus represent eternity.

About the Filmmaker:

Eve Keepings de Jesus, Director and Producer

Ever since I was a child, I have loved film! I grew up in a small, close-knit coal mining community in South Wales, UK, a million miles away from the glamor of Hollywood.  Nonetheless, I spent most of my youth dreaming about being in the movies, co-starring alongside Richard Gere and Tom Cruise, my favorite heartthrobs at the time.  I also loved Oprah Winfrey.  I would run home from school breathless most afternoons just to watch her show.  I loved her larger than life persona.  I was fascinated with stardom!

Years later I would find myself in Chicago spending many a day as an extra on movie sets.  As time went by, I was becoming more and more intrigued with the film director's role as I watched these professionals create their work. It just fueled my desire to want to produce and direct my own films.  Since then, I have immersed myself in all areas of the film industry, from acting classes to working behind the scenes on commercial sets, music shoots and most recently health and educational documentaries.  

This latest experience has further validated my love and passion for this field, especially documentary work. I have realized that my interest in film making stems mainly from my interest in and love of people.  I have traveled the world and lived in other countries to learn about and experience different cultures. My educational and vocational background in the counseling profession has enabled me to help others for many years. And now, I have the opportunity to further help people by creating compelling films that reach out, engage and bring about positive and social change.

Giving up is not a choice
— Eve Keepings de Jesus